My Sibling and Me is, on a personal level, a way of me celebrating the relationship that I have with my sibling. Our closeness allows us a level of trust between photographer and collaborator that would be all but impossible to achieve with anyone else. The series features both my own images and those taken from our family archive, in order to tell the story of how our upbringing has helped shape who we have become now, and who we may be going forward. On a conceptual level, the series explores this level of trust, and also the trust that the audience has in the photographer to be delivering on the promise of a truthful, accurate depiction of the subjects (where this is expected of them). Being that my work has a significant emphasis on gender, specifically Sam being transgender and my deconstruction of my own gender. As such, I have a responsibility in this series to be as sensitive and accurate in my depiction of our upbringing,  genders, and the differences and similarities between us.