Museum Of Self aims to be a catalogue of observable identity. It presents artefacts and asks the audience to fill in the blanks of who they perceive me to be, and what they are able to infer solely from physical artefacts, in much the same way as is done in a museum. The work is inspired by projects such as Inventory of Objects Belonging to a Young Man of Oxford by Christian Boltanski and Sophie Calle's The Birthday Ceremony. From a theoretical standpoint, my work has been largely influenced by Stuart Hall's writing on identity.

On a personal level, the project is an opportunity to reflect on myself and my personal history. Each object in the work is one that has been kept by my Mother as I have grown up. While the concept of the curator as the artist is demonstrated in the work, it is arguably my mother who has acted in this capacity more so than myself.

From the outset, I knew the work would fail to uncover all I wanted to know about myself, or provide me with all the answers I was seeking. However, in the words of Hall (1990): We should not … underestimate or neglect the importance of the act of imaginative rediscovery.” The aim of the project was to be objective, to be a catalogue of items pertaining to identity. However, when working on the project it became impossible not to be subjective in the way in which I worked. There were artefacts within the collection which I knew would be there and would cause me distress to work with, and others which came as a pleasant surprise. As such, the work is subjective to mine and my Mother’s emotional biases as to what we have kept, but the act of working, the “machine” has aimed to be as objective as I can make it, treating each artefact equally. This methodology is inspired by the writing of Sol LeWitt (1967)